This is the blog section of the site. This is a service for members to interact with, ask questions of and post news and information to each other. If you have a job posting, piece of information you'd like to share or a general question for members, please post it here.

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Hello everyone,

this is Martin Anaya with Pacific Coast TV. You'll note that this new site allows members to create Blog posts and news items. It can really help communications, similar to a list serve. The difference is you don't have to opt in to see it.

This function will even allow you to attach or inbed pictures and documents like a PDF for hiring. So if you have a question for other members, a job announcement or even a news item, like news of the WAVE Awards or the 2018 regional conference, here is a great place to post and read and discuss.

That said, is there anything you would like to discuss?

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