IEE Caucus of ACM

The purpose of the Inclusion, Equity, and Engagement (IEE) Caucus is to provide resources and knowledge to members encouraging positive action items and efforts to increase services to marginalized communities. With the input and participation of the ACM community, the caucus monitors concerns and issues relative to your operational programs. A critical element of the collective work is to identify and share a range of resources and information that provides you with reasonable and effective activities to develop and enhance your ability to promote and foster inclusion, equity, and engagement within the ACM and our members’ organizations to eliminate any barrier to participation.

Please consider making a donation to IEE fundraising campaign. The proceeds will help support IEE initiatives such as quarterly webinars with engaging speakers, Grassroots Scholarships to the National Conference. Donations to the Emerging Leader Institute and the Brian Wilson Scholarship Fund. Here is the link to the Mighty Cause fundraising page –