2007 WAVE Winners

WAVE 2007 Winners
Performing Arts / Community Producer Performing Arts / Pro
Ian Butler and Chris Rocco LA36
Pacifica Community Television Channel LA 36
Laugh Locally #36 – Will Durst Live at the Ford “Focus Fish Flying Circus”
Community Event / Community Producer Community Event / Pro
Kim Lawson Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Mountain View Community Television City TV
Outlook Video #320 Pride Edition Howl’oween Parade
Community Issues / Community Producer Community Issues / Pro
Kathleen Manning and Frank Winston The Santa Barbara Channels
Pacifica Community Television The Santa Barbara Channels
Open Space Santa Barbara Matters: Teens at Risk
Informational / Community Producer Informational / Pro
Chelsea Sherier Cyndee San Luis and Debbie C. Chontos
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television Hawthorne Community Television
Vertical Minds Business Beat
Sports Coverage / Pro
Channel LA 36
2007 Boys Baseball City Finals
Live and Live-toTape / Community Producer Live and Live-toTape / Pro
Keith Smith and Suzette Audiss The Santa Barbara Channels
Access Tucson The Santa Barbara Channels
DES Breakthrough Series: Child Protective Services Creative Community: Anne Crawley Interview
Shane Rodrigues and Armen Katchiguian
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television
Halloween Live! 2006
Entertainment / Community Producer Entertainment / Pro
Charlene Quaresma Kimberly Wall
Community Television of Santa Cruz County Access Sacramento
Fair and Balanced Episode 20 K9-POV
Talk Show Issues / Community Producer Talk Show Issues / Pro
Marina Latu, Douglas Fort, Karen Adams Robyn Mallgren and Janaia Donaldson
Media Center Pdalo Alto, CA Nevada County Television
What’s Going On? How to Get Out the Game “Return of the Electric Car” (Peak Moment Conversation # 52)
Talk Show Entertainment / Community Producer Talk Show Entertainment / Pro
Dale Porter, Val Jeffery, CSTVP Kenny Neal
KMVT 15 Mountain View Media Center Palo Alto, CA
“Necklace” – the Birth of a Musical Neal’s Place
Documentary Events / Community Producer Documentary Events / Pro
Vanessa Stafford Marigold Fine
Community Television of Santa Cruz County Community Television of Santa Cruz County
Art Box Peacemakers – Palestinians and Jews Together at Camp
Documentary Profile / Community Producer Documentary Profile / Pro
Jennifer Benorden and Zara Zimbardo Tony Shawcross and Ravi Zupa
Media Center of Palo Alto, CA Denver Open Media
Soil: Sowing Seeds of Change in Rural Haiti Opening Access
Municipal Government Access / Community Producer Municipal Government Access / Pro
Jenise Wagar and Luke Kirouff Bob Sykes
Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura City TV
City of Ventura Budget 101 Lakewood Sheriff’s Station Phase 1
Educational Access / Community Producer Educational Access / Pro
Leroy Becker & Gallery of Historical Figures LA36
Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura Channel LA 36
Dynasty of Radical Change, Episode 1 At Arts “Rockdale Elementary”
Programs by Youth / Community Producer
Chelsea Aoob, Sharlene Whang, Chelsea Nabor
Olelo Community Television
Now Loading – Special Edition
Programs for Youth / Community Producer Programs for Youth / Pro
Andrew T. Willyoung and Loretta Beavers Russell Ferguson
KMVT – 15 Mountain View Odeanside Community TV (KOCT)
What’s Up Wit’ That? – What’s Up Wit’ the Fifth Grade Buzz? Climate TV #2
Programs by or for Seniors / Community Producer Programs by or for Seniors / Pro
Don Yeager CCTV / Lynn Yaney
Cupertino Community Television Ch 15 Contra Costa Television
Show #307 World War 2 Survivors on a Wing and a Prayer Time of Your Life: Gardening
Community News Program / Community Producer Community News Program / Pro
Allison Farole Alexa Sita and Jin Chun
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television City of Torrance
La Verne Community News #2 This Week in Torrance
Community Bulletin Board / Pro
Robin Fort-Lincke and Russel Bauman
SBTV-3 Seal Beach Community Television
SBTV-3 Community Bulletin Board
Inspirational and Religious / Community Producer Inspirational and Religious / Pro
Al Stoeberl Access Tucson
CMAP – Community Media Access Partnership Access Tucson
HIS Country Music National Day of Prayer 2006
Special Audience / Community Producer Special Audience / Pro
Windsor Smith and Paul Clifford Mary Harmon and Steve Andriano-Moore
KMVT 15 Mountain View Community Media Center of Santa Rosa
“PFLAG TV: Parents, Families & Friends #0608” It Takes A Whole Village
Public Forum / Community Producer Public Forum / Pro
Sandra M. Leigh The Santa Barbara Channels
Community Television of Santa Cruz County The Santa Barbara Channels
Dear Mister Bush Strengthening Our Communities in the Wake of Violence
Public Service Announcement / Community Producer Public Service Announcement / Pro
Austin Tamaddon CAPS-TV
Media Center Palo Alto, CA Community Access Partners of San Buenaventura
The Happy Hybrid and the Polluting Pick-Up Camp CAPS Promo
Program Channel Promo / Community Producer Program Channel Promo / Pro
Kim Bui Brian Szabo-KMVT
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television KMVT 15 Mountain View
Community Producers Class Promo Local Election 2006
Experimental-Innovative / Community Producer Experimental-Innovative / Pro
Joseph Valencia, Ray Kaptur, Evan Mobley, Adrianna Castillo Steve Polydoros
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television City TV
Lymindum 2006 Annual Report and Forecast hosted by “Lakewood Virtual Guy”
Instructional / Community Producer Instructional / Pro
Diane De Laet Jin Chun
Media Center Palo Alto, CA City of Torrance
“Art 2 Art” Episode 1 Art Studio
Magazine / Community Producer Magazine / Pro
Angela Gangi and Megan Montalvo Alexa Sita and Jin Chun
LVTV-3 La Verne Community Television City of Torrance
La Verne Exclusive Spotlight Torrance
Programs That Made a Difference / Community Producer Programs that Made a Difference / Pro
Sharron Walker and Steve Brown Access Tucson
Pacifica Community Television Access Tucson
Earth Day 2007 Tucson Money Faire
Community Media Excellence Award
Access Tucson
Access Tucson
Community Media Execellence Award