2016 Winners

2016 WAVE Award Winners

Presented at the Alliance for Community Media – Western Region Conference

Honolulu, Hawaii – March 18, 2016

Accessibility-Abled Programming – Community Producer

“Abilities United Presents: Community Connections, Partnering with the Bridge School”

Andrea Throndson

Arts & Entertainment – Community Producer

“Hugh Pocock: Water – Energy – Time”

Cynthia Abbott & Alejandro Palacios

Arts & Entertainment – Professional


Andy Kawanami & Kristian Melom

Community Event – Community Producer

“Car Guy Channel: 2015 A La Carte & Art Car Show”

Mike Hennessy

Community Event – Professional


Jeff Trujillo

Community Issues – Community Producer

“Faces of Courage: Portraits of Women on the Edge”

Douglas Kreitz & Mark Tuschman

Community Issues – Professional

“Valley Politics”

Viviana Leija-Sysak

Documentary – Community Producer

“Faces of Courage: Portraits of Women on the Edge”

Douglas Kreitz & Mark Tuschman

Documentary – Non-Affiliated

“El Gringo Schindler”

Ralph Isenberg, Joe de la Fuente & JR Media Company

Documentary – Professional

“For the Kids of Paarl”

S. Kramer Herzog & Hedi Herzog

Dramatic Film – Short – Community Producer


Melanie Rodriguez & Emily Bolka

Dramatic Film – Short – Professional

“Every Fifteen Minutes: Foothill High School 2015”

Arti Nehru, Marie Moran & Jeff Davis

Educational Access – Community Producer

“Toastmasters Bay to Bay Episode 75 – Goering and Speaking Tips”

Stan Ng & Birgit Starmanns

Educational Access – Professional

“Mayor For A Moment Episode 1 – Connor & Timothy Quest”

CAPS Media Center

Informational – Lifestyle – Community Producer

“Paranormal Insights #62 Feng Shui”

Joseph Ernest Martin

Informational – Lifestyle – Professional

“Garden Grove Pride 2014”

Jeffrey Davis & Marie L. Moran

Informational – Talk Show – Community Producer

“Broken Justice: Rethinking Our Cops and Courts”

TD Daniell & Paul George

Informational – Talk Show – Professional

“Working Wardrobes”

Marie L. Moran & Jerri Rosen

Informational Culture – Community Producer

“Car Guy Channel: 2015 Pacific Coast Dream Machines”

Mike Hennessy

Informational Culture – Professional

“VCNC – First Responders Without a Siren”

Bill Nash & Patrick Davidson

Instructional / DIY Programming – Professional

Cafe 5050 “Asian Fusion”

Sallie Cordova Gallagher

Live Format – Professional

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”

Bob Sykes

Municipal Government Access – Professional

“Re:Imagine Garden Grove / State of the City 2015”

Marie Moran, Jeff Davis & Gordon Spencer

Music Programming – Community Producer

“The Bruce Latimer Show #963 – Blue Lakes Special”

Ed Barber & Bruce Latimer

Music Programming – Professional

“MC Studio Session: Holiday Jazz Special”

Douglas DeVore

News Programming – Professional

“Your City, Your News”

Jennifer Murillo & Mollie Perlman

Program/Channel Promo – Community Producer

“Zoom In”

Douglas Kreitz

Program/Channel Promo – Professional

“Sizzle Reel”

Bhim Kumar-Reyes & Access sacramento

Public Service Announcement – Community Producer

“Coastal Cleanup”

Robert Rothgery

Public Service Announcement – Professional

“Goodwill – Journey of a Donation”

Lisa Mastramico

Special Audience Programming – Community Producer

“Outlook Video show # 323”

Kim Lawson & Eric Chong

Special Audience Programming – Professional

“Every Fifteen Minutes: Foothill High School 2015”

Marie Moran & Jeff Davis

Spiritual / Inspirational – Community Producer

“The Yancy Show”

Mark Yancy

Sports Coverage – Community Producer

“CMAC High School Football”

Sunnyside High School Video Production Academy

Sports Coverage – Professional

“CreaTV Sports Presents High School Football: St. Francis at Bellarmine”

Luis Costa

Webisode – Web or TV Series – Professional

“We Are San Jose”

Mickey Beese

Webisode – Web or TV series – Community Producer

“Car Guy Channel: 2015 A La Carte & Art Car Show”

Mike Hennessy