2020 WAVE Finalists

Congratulations to all the finalists for the 2020 WAVE Awards – honoring excellence in community programming from the Alliance for Community Media’s West Region. The winners will be revealed at the awards ceremony on Thursday, February 20 at 6:30pm at the Embassy Suites hotel in Monterey, California. Buy your tickets today at acmwest.org/register.

Category Show Title Name
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Community Producer) Calaveras County Sheriff Lip Sync Ed Lark
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Community Producer) Sacramento Film Festival Fashion on Film Pacific Coast TV
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Community Producer) West Coast Songwriter’s Playoffs July 2019 Pete Sommer
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Professional) Beyond the Mic: Featuring Media Na Leo TV
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Professional) Listen Up Sacramento Gary Martin
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Professional) The Comedy of Errors Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Youth) ECTV – Gayel, Shamsia and Jab Elizabeth Rodeno
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Youth) KMVT Youth Camps-Advanced Camp Daniel Nagrete
Arts, Entertainment & Performance (Youth) KMVT Youth Camps-Intro to Studio Daniel Nagrete
Community Event (Community Producer) CuriOdyssey IlluminOdyssey Pacific Coast TV
Community Event (Community Producer) Ohlone Portola Heritage Trail Project Pacific Coast TV
Community Event (Community Producer) Travel Today with Lea – Danish Days Lea Welles
Community Event (Professional) CVC Firesafe Council Elizabeth Rodeno
Community Event (Professional) Native American Trade Feast 2019 Pam Haessly
Community Event (Professional) Pops in the Park 2019 Gary Martin
Community Issues (Community Producer) E-cigarettes – Helpful or Harmful? Henrietta J Burroughs
Community Issues (Community Producer) Silicon Valley Non-Profits – Grateful Garment Christina Hagan
Community Issues (Community Producer) Studio Cafe Robin Fort-Lincke
Community Issues (Professional) African American Community at a Crossroad PADNET-TV
Community Issues (Professional) The State of Journalism SCAC-TV
Community Issues (Professional) Thomas Fire Stories Elizabeth Rodeno
Culture & Lifestyle (Community Producer) Sactown Insider Gary Martin
Culture & Lifestyle (Community Producer) Talk Art: African Artists from Cameroon Nancy Wheeler
Culture & Lifestyle (Community Producer) The Half Moon Bay Brewing Co. Pacific Coast TV
Culture & Lifestyle (Professional) Culture is not a Costume SCAC-TV Redding
Culture & Lifestyle (Professional) Living in the West: Mexican-American War Gary Martin
Culture & Lifestyle (Professional) Oakhurst Spirits Lisa Talley, Cesar Perez
Culture & Lifestyle (Youth) MC Youth Presents -Black Excellence Pt. 1 Jesse Norfleet
Documentary (Community Producer) Made in the Shade Gary Martin
Documentary (Community Producer) Mireya’s Story Don Pollock
Documentary (Community Producer) Montecito  January 9, 2018 Hap Freund
Documentary (Professional) Living in the West: Mountain Men Gary Marting
Documentary (Professional) The Perfect Firestorm – The Thomas Fire Elizabeth Rodeno
Documentary (Professional) When it Rains: Bolivar Stormwater and Urb Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Educational Access (Community Producer) Hands On Heroes Pat Renshaw
Educational Access (Community Producer) Spartan Robotics Val Jeffery
Educational Access (Community Producer) The Alf Museum Don Pollock
Educational Access (Professional) Bixby Elementary Dual Immersion Program PADNET-TV
Educational Access (Professional) Farm to School Table with Miguel Villareal Pam Haessly
Educational Access (Professional) Social Emotional Learning Lesson Karen Adams
Experimental (Community Producer) The Wacky Weird Wild Witty Wonderful World Drew Berg
Experimental (Community Producer) Unseen Don Pollock
Experimental (Community Producer) Vicious Mockery-Episode 88-Stage Fright PADNET TV
Experimental (Professional) A Garden Grove Story in Shadow Dance Marie Moran
Experimental (Youth) Dog on Fog Gary Martin
Experimental (Youth) Hawthorne Animations Mario Landeros, El Diamante High School
Government Access (Professionals Only) City of Clovis Hall of Fame 2018 – Dwight Bryan Harley
Government Access (Professionals Only) Garden Grove Animal Care Serving You Marie Moran
Government Access (Professionals Only) Piedmont FIre Department – Wildfire Risk KCOM TV
Instructional / Training (Community Producer) Talk Art: Eric Saint Georges Nancy Wheeler
Instructional / Training (Community Producer) Talk Art: RuthWaters-Hardwood Sculptor Nancy Wheeler
Instructional / Training (Professional) Lakewood Beautiful Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Live Format (Professional) Veteran’s Voices “Pride in Service” Contra Costa Television
Magazine Show (Community Producer) Long Beach Life, Episode 7 PADNET TV
Magazine Show (Community Producer) SacTown Underground Episode 24 SacTown Underground
Magazine Show (Community Producer) Spotlight Fall 2018 Don Pollock
Magazine Show (Professional) Live Wire! Gary Martin
Magazine Show (Professional) Pasadena in Focus October 2018 Bobbie Ferguson
Magazine Show (Professional) Thomas Fire Stories feauring Charles Elizabeth Rodeno
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Community Producer) Guadalupe Don Pollock
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Community Producer) Helga on Animals PADNET TV
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Community Producer) The Gift Gary Martin
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Professional) One El Camino Brian Scott
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Youth) Dare Yourself Kumwoo Kim
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Youth) KMVT Advance Camp June 24-28 2019 Daniel Nagrete
Narrative Film – Short or Feature (Youth) Only in VR – A Short Story in VR Chat David Flores
News Programming (Community Producer) Fresno State Focus Bryan Harley
News Programming (Professional) Community Digest Sallie Cordova Gallagher
News Programming (Professional) NewsRap News Brief Bobbie Ferguson
News Programming (Youth) AccessLocal TV Gary Martin
News Programming (Youth) Buchanan News Network Bryan Harley
Program/Channel Promo (Community Producer) College of San Mateo Student Radio Station Pacific Coast TV
Program/Channel Promo (Community Producer) Padnet TV Improv Promo Drew Berg
Program/Channel Promo (Professional) 2019 Truckee Football Promo Rory O’Farrell
Program/Channel Promo (Professional) CMAC Stories: Jojo Romelo Bryan Harley
Program/Channel Promo (Professional) CreaTV Storytellers Luis Costa
Program/Channel Promo (Professional) Lovely Invention Gary Martin
Public Service Announcement (Professional) Culture is Not a Costume SCAC TV Redding
Public Service Announcement (Professional) Marin County Poor Farm and Graveyard Restoration Pam Haessly
Public Service Announcement (Professional) Trials and Vistas Rory O’Farrell
Public Service Announcement (Youth) ECTV-Why Should We Vote Elizabeth Rodeno
Public Service Announcement (Youth) LAMP – Violence PSA PADNET TV
Public Service Announcement (Youth) Unclogged Truth Gary Martin
Spiritual/Inspirational (Community Producer) Artist Expression: Praise Dance Ministry Alma Love
Spiritual/Inspirational (Community Producer) Justin Time Gary Martin
Spiritual / Inspirational (Community Producer) The T-Lily Show Episode 05 PADNET TV
Spiritual / Inspirational (Professional) Ike Pono: Stay Humble Pray Na Leo TV
Sports Coverage (Community Producer) Santa Cruz Shoe City Pro Surf Competition Pacific Coasrt TV
Sports Coverage (Community Producer) Travel Today with Lea Scotsfest Highland Games Lea Welles
Sports Coverage (Professional) Game of the Week: Keala Na Leo TV
Sports Coverage (Professional) Game of the Week: Roseville Gary Martin
Sports Coverage (Professional) High School Boys Soccer: Overfelt at Mount Pleasant Luis Costa
Sports Coverage (Youth) CMAC High School Football Bryan Harley
Sports Coverage (Youth) MC Sports: Menlo-Atherton vs. Carlmont Sara Bennett
Sports Coverage (Youth) The Sports Sitdown: June 2019 Sunay Sanghani
Talk Show (Community Producer) Animal Assisted Happiness Darlene Carman
Talk Show (Community Producer) Art in the Air Adek Hanukai
Talk Show (Community Producer) WeXL’s Represent Arabella DeLucco
Talk Show (Professional) How to Recover from a Mass Shooting Charles Douglas
Talk Show (Professional) Island Focus – Sea Life Park Jack BAtes
Talk Show (Professional) Live Wire! Gary Martin
Talk Show (Youth) Ask a Teen : Dumb School Rules Aris Chang
Talk Show (Youth) ECTV: Gracie & Michael Elizabeth Rodeno
Talk Show (Youth) MC Youth Presents – Black Excellence Part 2 Jesse Norfleet
Underserved Voices (Community Producer) Robots and their Young Masters Val Jeffery
Underserved Voices (Community Producer) The Industry Don Pollock
Underserved Voices (Community Producer) The Story of Jane and Jo Eric Sanderson
Underserved Voices (Professional) Adaptive Recreation Hip Hop Class Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Underserved Voices (Professional) Culture Is Not a Costume SCAC-TV Redding
Underserved Voices (Youth) Guide Dogs of America Sallie Cordova Gallagher
Underserved Voices (Youth) A Day In my Parent’s Shoes Janet Saldana, Sunnyside High School VPA
Underserved Voices (Youth) ECTV-Immigrant Series-Erica Fernandez Elizabeth Rodeno