2019 Workshop Materials

Strategic Revisioning for Community Media Centers/Access Channels: Staying Ahead of the Curve
Community Media Centers and channels must expand and redefine their work to survive.  It’s a difficult process but it can be done with vision, a plan, and effort.  How do you refine or redefine your role in the community and develop and execute a plan to implement needed change?  What type of leadership is needed to make these changes?  What and how do you change the public’s perception of the CMC as it evolves?  Come, listen, and interact with several CMC’s that have and are going through these changes to grow their mission, increase impact, and build sustainability.

Speakers: Sue Buske (President, The Buske Group), Alan Bushong (ED, Capital Community TV Salem). Additional speakers to be announced.

Presentation Materials: ACM West Alan Bushong Strategic Planning.keyACM West Sue Buske Strategic Revisioning.pptx

Managing HR Issues and Maintaining a Healthy Work Environment
Many media centers do not have a human resources professional on staff or providing advice.  What happens if you have an employee who dies while at work?  What about the impact on staff of the outcomes of elections, the courts, or the FCC on the future of community media?  What happens if your faced with dismissing an employee from a culturally sensitive class?  You may have experience in managing people, but are you aware of what you need to know to ensure your organization is taking the right steps to maintain a healthy work environment and to mitigate your risks?  The workshop will bring together experienced CMC managers who have encountered such situations and HR professionals who can provide advice.

Speakers: Deborah Vinsel (ED, Thurston Community Media), Pam Hassley (ED, Novato Community Television), Ashley Mitchell Scott (Dir. of Human Resources, PBS Southern California)

Presentation Materials: ACM West Ashley Mitchell-Scott HR.pdf

Navigating the New Media Horizon
How can community media centers successfully navigate the rapid changes occurring in content creation and distribution technologies, the growing reliance amongst certain age groups on OTT, funding and sustainability threats, and the need to more effectively meet the media needs of our communities? Hear about success stories and learn from a panel of CMC, technology, policy, and management professionals.

Facilitator: Sue Buske (The Buske Group, Alliance for Communications Democracy)

Speakers: Martin Jones (CEO, Metro East Community Media), Steve Israelsky (Cablecast Community Media), Alan Bushong (ED, Capital Community TV Salem)

Presentation Materials: ACM West Steve Israelsky Who Moved my Cheese.pdfACM West Marty Jones Plenary.pdf, ACM-West-Alan-Bushong-Plenary.pptx

FCC, Federal and State Legislative Issues and Court Cases Impacting Our Future

Over the past 12 months much has been happening that will impact the future of local governments and their ability to control public rights of way that directly impact the future of community media centers, PEG access, and communities across the country.  Get the latest updates from the people on the front lines at the federal, state, and local levels that are working hard to protect our rights and the rights of our communities.

Facilitator/Speaker: Mike Wassenaar, (CEO, Alliance for Community Media)

Speakers: Nancy L. Werner (NATOA General Counsel), Gerard Lederer (Best, Best and Krieger), Michael R. Bradley (Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst)

Presentation Materials: ACM West Mike Wassenaar Presentation.pptx

The Field Production Toolkit Today
Find about using DSLRs and Mobile Device platforms instead of traditional video cameras for content creation and acquisition. One doesn’t replace the other rather it’s about reaching for the right tool for the job.  Get hands-on with these contemporary tools and see how they fit into your Field Production Toolkit.

Facilitator/Speaker: Kat Tracy (Dir. of Education, Akakū: Maui Community Media).  Speakers: Angela Angel (Chief Production Officer, ‘Ōlelo Community Media), Kyle Lowe (Training Coordinator, CMAC Fresno/Clovis)

Presentation Materials: ACM-West-Angela-Angel-Field-Toolkit.pdf

Marketing Your Channels and Center: Social Media Analytics
You have a PEG channel. You have video content. What you need are eyeballs. How do you market your channel without a big marketing budget? How do you leverage and utilize social media platforms to help drive your message? What role do social media analytics play in crafting that marketing message to residents?

Facilitator: J Robertson (Managing Director, Hoi’ke: Kauai Community Television). Speakers: Elliot Margolies (Strategic Initiatives, MidPen Community Media Center), Danielle Ross (Pasadena Media)

Presentation Materials: ACM West Danielle Ross Social Media.pdf

In-Depth Exploration of Closed Captioning Options, Obligations, and Issues
This workshop will review the various solutions that PEG channels and local governments are considering as they look for the most robust and affordable closed captioning solutions.

Facilitator/Speaker: Daniell Krawczyk (Municipal Captioning, Inc).  Speakers: Trish McRae (LINK Electronics), Dave Battinieri (Vitac), Michael Bradley (Bradley Bergland Hagen & Herbst)

Presentation Materials: ACM West Bradley Closed Captioning.pptx

Staffing PEG Access and Community Media Centers 
How PEG access operations and community media centers are staffed, use interns, and volunteers varies widely between communities.  Budget size, restrictions on how available funding can be used, and contractual issues can often have significant impact on services that can be provided and the available people power to deliver the services.  This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore a variety of staffing approaches and uses of interns and volunteers by different size CMCs (small, medium, large).  Learn what’s working where and why.

Speakers: Gary Martin (ED, Access Sacramento), George Falardeau (CEO, Pasadena Media), Stacy Higa (ED, Na Leo TV), Harmonie Tangonan (Program/Production Manager, PADNET).

Presentation Materials: ACM West Stacy Higa Volunteer Presentation.pdf

Online Media Workflow Management: Live Streaming Solutions
From ingest and transcode, to media management and delivery, you’ll learn best practices to streamline your workflow and provide a high-quality viewing experience. We’ll review some of the latest industry data, learn which platforms will win out and discuss how OTT is changing the broadcast landscape. Come network with your peers and hear where the live streaming media industry is headed.

Facilitator/Speaker: Steve Israelsky (Cablecast Community Media). Speakers: Jesse Lerman (CEO, TelVue Corporation), Stan Ng (Mid-Pen Community Media Center), Nick Brandt (Brandt Media Solutions).

Presentation Materials: ACM West Steve Israelsky Live Streaming.pdf

Building Partnerships that Raise Money and Identity
Everyone know that partnerships are importance to the success of a community media center.  The key is how to build partnerships that can raise funds for important projects and help to ensure the short and long terms sustainability of CMC’s.  Hear from several organizations that have successfully cultivated such relationships.

Facilitator/Speaker: Bryan Harley (Executive Director, CMAC Fresno/Clovis). Speakers: Hanalei Y. Aipoalani (Director of HR & Development Projects, ‘Ōlelo Community Media), Chad Johnston (CEO, CreaTV San Jose).

Presentation Materials: ACM West Chad Johnston Partnerships.pdf

Building (or Rebuilding) Your Channel Identity
PEG access channels and access centers are often defined by past perceptions rather than the reality that we live in which is rapidly shifting and evolving.  The workshop will address how branding and messaging strategies can help shape or reshape the public perception from PEG access TV stations to community media and technology centers.

Facilitator/Speaker: Matt Schuster (CEO, Public Media Network). Speakers: Chad Johnston (CEO, CreaTV San Jose), Mike Johnson (ED, CCX Media Northwest Community Television).

Presentation Materials: ACM West Chad Johnston Brand.pdf