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2021 WAVE Awards coming March 12

Our wonderful region of professionals, community producers and students have worked hard all year and now it’s time to see the best of the west recognized!

Thank you to everyone who submitted. The winners will be announced at our 2021 WAVE Awards Ceremony which will take place virtually on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time. The ceremony will be live streamed to ACM West’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.

IEE Caucus of ACM

The purpose of the Inclusion, Equity, and Engagement (IEE) Caucus is to provide resources and knowledge to members encouraging positive action items and efforts to increase services to marginalized communities. With the input and participation of the ACM community, the caucus monitors concerns and issues relative to your operational programs. A critical element of the collective work is to identify and share a range of resources and information that provides you with reasonable and effective activities to develop and enhance your ability to promote and foster inclusion, equity, and engagement within the ACM and our members’ organizations to eliminate any barrier to participation.

Please consider making a donation to IEE fundraising campaign. The proceeds will help support IEE initiatives such as quarterly webinars with engaging speakers, Grassroots Scholarships to the National Conference. Donations to the Emerging Leader Institute and the Brian Wilson Scholarship Fund. Here is the link to the Mighty Cause fundraising page –

ACM statement on social and racial justice

The Alliance for Community Media (ACM) has a long history of organizing to empower individuals, organizations, and communities to address significant issues in the pursuit of justice, liberty, and equity. The ACM’s mission and values are based on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and in particular the First Amendment.

The Alliance for Community Media’s vision is that all communities have the resources, ability and right to express themselves, create community dialogue and engage in civic life through local media. Our guiding principles are to promote free speech, expand civic engagement through local media, and ensure the people can seek redress of their grievances.
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What does the ACM do?

In order for democracy to flourish, people must be active participants in their government, educated to think critically and free to express themselves.

Founded in 1976, the Alliance represents over 3,000 Public, Educational and Governmental (PEG) access organizations and community media center throughout the country. The ACM works to protect the interests of these access centers and those who use PEG facilities and equipment to advance their causes through cable television and the Internet.


Please explore this website and join us or contact us for more information. We look forward to serving you by promoting civic engagement through community media. Also learn about our many training activities like our annual conference and trade show.

The best part of the ACM is that in addition to learning about issues, you also learn how to address them in your community. Through the ACM West and our national parent organization, you can learn how to help local voices on the most powerful medium. In addition, we support democratization of the media. This means we support radio, internet and many other means of communication integral to an informed world. Learn about creating a local news program on a shoestring.  Explore media literacy and digital inclusion issues, and learn how to address them in your community.