Action Alert for California PEG!

California Assembly Bill 2635 makes a small but important change to current California law. It would require the local PEG access channels to be in high definition (HD) or the modern technology used by local broadcast TV if the material is created in HD format. This change would ensure that open captioning embedded into video (for example on Zoom) for deaf, hearing impaired, and elderly audiences are legible. It would ensure that documents presented during public meetings such as maps, spreadsheets, and presentations are not indecipherable.

It’s critical that ACM members and their local governments and supporters take action now to keep the bill alive! For the bill to move forward we need ACM members, community media center users and supporters, and local governments to act NOW!

Here’s what we all can do:

1. Call your Assembly Member and encourage strong support for AB2635. Here’s the contact info and how each member voted on May 2nd:

2. Send an email to Assembly Members using Media Alliance’s “Take Action” page. This page has helpful “Facts vs Myths” for dispelling the cable industry lies. (Also, here’s proof that HD PEG channels did not increase cable rates in Oregon:

3. Send this letter of support to your Assembly Member and the persons listed at the top of the letter. Encourage other elected officials or government officials to send the letter also. Link:

We all will benefit if AB2635 passes… but we need your support NOW!